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Legacy Protection and Succession Plan (LPSP)

Legacy Protection and Succession Plan (LPSP)

Legacy Protection and Succession Plan (LPSP)

An across-the-board Estate Plan combined with Business Succession Plan exclusively designed for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to protect not only their personal assets but to ensure the seamless continuity of their business interests.

We value your legacy and we aim to understand what’s important to you. Let us design your Estate and Business Succession Plan to ensure that the business that you’ve built along with your assets and investments are protected and seamlessly passed on as you wish. This will also include all documents necessary to legally state how, where, when, and to whom your assets go, planning for incapacity in terms of health care and financial decisions, and may include planning for asset protection, new or existing business interests, planning for more complex assets such as RSU’s or qualified retirement plans and more – depending on your needs.

Our firm offers three (3) tiers of LPSP which will be fully customized according to your personal and business circumstances.

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NEW! Estate Plan Tier 2 and Tier 3 include a complimentary set-up and 1-year subscription to Directive Communication Systems (DCS) and Legal Directives when you create (or update) your Estate Plan with us. DCS provides you an option to extended protection and management of your digital and traditional assets or accounts by securely maintaining an up-to-date record of all your personal accounts and digital assets, and keeping your directives relative to these accounts. Legal Directives on the other hand, provides immediate access to your important healthcare directives and emergency contacts.

Contact us for the creation or re-statement of your estate and business succession plan.