DCS and Legal Directives: Enhanced Digital Accounts Protection and Real-Time Access to Healthcare Directives

We strive to add value. Recently we revamped our client offerings to achieve that end. Whether you are creating your estate plan or updating your existing plan - we are excited to share these critical services to you.

Clients’ often ask how we can handle their digital assets. Given the vast and growing array of digital assets we all own, handling these creates an administrative nightmare for our loved one's once we pass.

In fact, on average we each have over 130 traditional and digital accounts today - up from 10 in 1995.*

Without a comprehensive solution (such as DCS) for handling our digital assets, equates to an additional $34,500 cost to settle our estate after we die.**

Considering your Trustee is a family member or other loved one - you likely want to make their job easier. Currently, the person who settles our estate is spending on average:

  • 100 hours tracking down accounts,

  • 50 hours navigating legal and other requirements, 100 hours reviewing account contents,

  • and 64 hours resolving ID Theft related issues.**

After reflecting on the question: how do my clients best deal handle his or her digital assets? - seasoned estate planning attorney Matt Tuller decided he wanted to save each client $34,500 in hard costs, and Trustee from wasting 314 hours, by providing DCS.

To summarize, DCS offers you an all-in-one organizational system to securely store your digital assets and critical estate planning documents, and once you pass, provides notifications to the people you choose, which also provides him or her with critical information needed - all according to your specifications.

Moreover, we have spent much time and effort crafting your beautiful, feature-rich estate plan. While quite an achievement, your health care documents inside of your Estate Planning Portfolio does not protect you after against a serious accident.

For instance, let's assume that later today you are involved in a car accident. Unexpectedly, you are laying unconscious in the hospital. How do the doctors know your wishes as to artificial life support, other health related preferences, and who has the legal authority to make legal decisions on your behalf? Basically, you need the hospital to have a copy of your current Advance Health Care Directive and related documents. And they need these documents not tomorrow morning - but right NOW.

To ensure you are protected against this calamity, we enroll you in Legal Directives. Specifically, after signing your estate plan we send your health care documents to the Legal Directives. The company provides your member card, which you keep in your purse or wallet.

If involved in a serious accident, the first responders find the card. The company now provides the hospital or doctor with a copy of your crucial documents. 24 hours a day - 365 days a year, your health care documents will be provided to the health care professional via fax.

Now, your wishes are conveyed and asserts in your named health care agent the legal authority he / she needs to make decisions on your behalf.

We love our clients and constantly strive to add value to them. This is our newest way to achieve this goal - ensuring that your digital assets and health are protected when needed most.

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